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“Soba Shimbashi” is a Japanese restaurant specializing in Soba. Our finest fresh Soba, the buckwheat noodles, are made from organic Tasmanian buckwheat and Australian wheat flour. For each batch, we freshly mill Tasmanian buckwheat groats everyday. We are very excited to introduce this Japanese traditional food “Soba” to the people in Australia using Australian-grown fresh ingredients.


“Soba Shimbashi” also serves traditional Japanese foods such as Tempura, Sushi, and Sashimi. Most of the fresh ingredients are domestic products. Some special ingredients are imported from Japan. Please enjoy our range of Japanese foods sourced from two countries.


Our finest Tasmanian buckwheat is produced by specialised seed agency Heazlewood Seeds in Northern Tasmania, by the request of Shiratori Flour Mills under the Tasmanian Soba Project. This buckwheat is also exported to Japan for making quality Soba.

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